April 15, 2015

Zach Lowe All-NBA teams (2015)

Zach Lowe | Tim Duncan is 14th in Player Efficiency Rating, shooting 51 percent, dishing dimes and blocking shots at career-average rates despite his age, and playing some of the brainiest back-line defense in the league. Dude is always a step ahead. That’s how you remain a dangerous rim protector at almost 39, with one working leg.


Forward | LeBron James, Cavaliers (2)

Forward | Anthony Davis, Pelicans (2)

Center | Marc Gasol, Grizzlies

Guard | Stephen Curry, Warriors (2)

Guard | James Harden, Rockets (2)


Forward | LaMarcus Aldridge, Trail Blazers

Forward | Blake Griffin, Clippers (2)

Center | Al Horford, Hawks

Guard | Chris Paul, Clippers (2)

Guard | Russell Westbrook, Thunder


Forward | Kawhi Leonard, Spurs

Forward | Paul Millsap, Hawks

Center | Tim Duncan, Spurs

Guard | Jimmy Butler, Bulls

Guard | Kyrie Irving, Cavaliers


Most Valuable Player | 1. Stephen Curry, Warriors

2. James Harden, Rockets
3. Chris Paul, Clippers
4. LeBron James, Cavaliers
5. Anthony Davis, Pelicans

Rookie of the Year | 1. Andrew Wiggins, Timberwolves

2. Nikola Mirotic, Bulls
3. Nerlens Noel, 76ers

Defensive Player of the Year | 1. Draymond Green, Warriors

2. Kawhi Leonard, Spurs
3. Andrew Bogut, Warriors

Sixth Man of the Year | 1. Lou Williams, Raptors

2. Isaiah Thomas, Suns-Celtics
3. Andre Iguodala, Warriors

Coach of the Year | 1. Gregg Popovich, Spurs (2)

2. Mike Budenholzer, Hawks
3. Steve Kerr, Warriors

Most Improved Player | 1. Rudy Gobert, Jazz

2. Jimmy Butler, Bulls
3. Klay Thompson, Warriors


First team | Kawhi Leonard (Spurs), Draymond Green (Warriors), Andrew Bogut (Warriors), Chris Paul (Clippers), Jimmy Butler (Bulls)

Second team | Tony Allen (Grizzlies), Anthony Davis (Pelicans), Rudy Gobert (Jazz), John Wall (Wizards), Danny Green (Spurs)


First team | Andrew Wiggins (Timberwolves), Nikola Mirotic (Bulls), Nerlens Noel (76ers), Elfrid Payton (Magic), Jordan Clarkson (Lakers)

Second team | Marcus Smart (Celtics), Jusuf Nurkic (Nuggets), Bojan Bogdanovic (Nets), Langston Galloway (Knicks), Rodney Hood (Jazz)

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