April 21, 2018

LeBron James All-Star team

Brian Windhorst wrote about LeBron James’ current supporting cast after Game 2 of the Cavaliers-Pacers series. Here is the LeBron James All-Star team, the best teammates of his 15-season career:

STARTERS | LeBron, plus two teammates from his Heat championship teams and two from his Cavaliers championship team. Three titles and seven consecutive NBA finals appearances.

Point forward | LeBron James, Cavaliers and Heat

Forward | Kevin Love, Cavaliers [2015-16]

Center | Chris Bosh, Heat [2012-13]

Guard | Dwyane Wade, Heat [2010-11]

Guard | Kyrie Irving, Cavaliers [2016-17]

BENCH | Mostly post players, but Mo Williams, Ray Allen and Shane Battier give this group enough versatility.

Forward | Tristan Thompson, Cavaliers [2015-16]

Forward | Shane Battier, Heat [2011-12]

Center | Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Cavaliers [2005-06]

Center | Anderson Varejao, Cavaliers [2009-10]

Center | Chris Andersen, Heat [2013-14]

Guard | Mo Williams, Cavaliers [2008-09]

Guard | Ray Allen, Heat [2012-13]

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