May 2, 2018

Don Nelson’s All-Star team

Don Nelson is enjoying retirement. In Maui, Hawaii. Playing poker and smoking marijuana, with Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson.

In an interview with the New York Times on Monday, the NBA’s all-time wins leader talks about finding out that he fathered a child on a road trip with the Celtics, visiting soldiers during the Vietnam war and growing his own marijuana. It’s called Nellie Kush.

In honor of Nelson, basketball’s mad scientist, the inventor of small ball, the master of the mismatch, this is his All-Star team:

STARTERS | Two players from the 1980s Bucks, two players from the 2000s Mavericks and Chris Mullin. No center, just lots of mismatches.

Forward | Dirk Nowitzki, Mavericks [2002-03] 16.1 win shares

Forward | Marques Johnson, Bucks [1978-79] 12.2 win shares

Forward | Chris Mullin, Warriors [1990-91] 12.2 win shares

Guard | Sidney Moncrief, Bucks [1982-83] 13.2 win shares

Guard | Steve Nash, Mavericks [2002-03] 11.6 win shares

BENCH | Five perimeter players, including the league’s first point forward, plus Terry Cummings and the 7-foot-6 Shawn Bradley. The Run TMC and “We Believe” Warriors are both here.

Guard | Michael Finley, Mavericks [1999-00] 8.3 win shares

Guard | Tim Hardaway, Warriors [1990-91] 9.9 win shares

Point forward | Paul Pressey, Bucks [1985-86] 9.8 win shares

Forward | Terry Cummings, Bucks [1984-85] 10.7 win shares

Guard | Baron Davis, Warriors [2006-07] 6.4 win shares

Guard | Mitch Richmond, Warriors [1990-91] 7.1 win shares

Center | Shawn Bradley, Mavericks [1998-99] 4.2 win shares

Rookie of the Year | Mitch Richmond (1989), Chris Webber (1994)

Sixth Man Award | Ricky Pierce (1987), Antawn Jamison (2004)

Most Improved Player | Monta Ellis (2007)
— Kevin Brewer

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