Dr. Z’s 1976 All-Pro Team

Selected by Paul Zimmerman in the New York Post:


Wide receiver | Cliff Branch, Oakland

Tackle | Dan Dierdorf, St. Louis

Guard | John Hannah, New England

Center | Jim Langer, Miami

Guard | Gene Upshaw, Oakland

Tackle | Art Shell, Oakland

Tight end | Dave Casper, Oakland

Wide receiver | Roger Carr, Baltimore

Quarterback | Bert Jones, Baltimore

Running back | O.J. Simpson, Buffalo

Running back | Chuck Foreman, Minnesota


End | Jack Youngblood, Los Angeles

Tackle | Wally Chambers, Chicago

Tackle | Jerry Sherk, Cleveland

End | Coy Bacon, Cincinnati

Outside linebacker | Jack Ham, Pittsburgh

Middle linebacker | Jack Lambert, Pittsburgh

Outside linebacker | Tom Jackson, Denver

Cornerback | Monte Jackson, Los Angeles

Cornerback | Mike Haynes, New England

Strong safety | Charlie Waters, Dallas

Free safety | Cliff Harris, Dallas

Battle of the Network Stars I


2. CBS
3. NBC

Swimming relay | 1. NBC

Karen Grassle
Ben Murphy
Melissa Sue Anderson
Robert Conrad
Tim Matheson

2. CBS
3. ABC

Running relay | 1. ABC

Penny Marshall
Darleen Carr
Robert Hegyes
Gabe Kaplan
Ron Howard
Richard Hatch

2. NBC (two-second penalty)
3. CBS

Gabe Kaplan beat Robert Conrad in a 100-meter run-off.

Tennis | 1. CBS

Pat Harrington Jr. / Loretta Swit

2. NBC
3. ABC

Golf | 1. CBS

Bill Macy / Lee Meriwether

2. NBC
3. ABC

Baseball dunk | 1. CBS, 6 points

2. ABC, 4
3. NBC, 3

Bicycle relay | NBC

Anchor leg | Ben Murphy

Obstacle course | 1. ABC

2. NBC
3. CBS

Best times (men) | 1. Ben Murphy, NBC, 17.0

2. Richard Hatch, ABC, 17.7

Best time (women) | Penny Marshall, ABC, 20.6

Volleyball | 1. ABC

2. CBS
3. NBC

All three networks finished with 600 points. ABC and CBS faced each other in the Tug of War, because they won the most events.

Tug of War | ABC def. CBS

Robert Hegyes
Hal Linden
Penny Marshall
Gabe Kaplan
Lynda Carter
Richard Hatch

Injury | Robert Hegyes (left shin)

MVP (men) Richard Hatch, ABC

MVP (women) Penny Marshall, ABC

Best event | Running relay, the most famous moment in Battle history

All-Battle team | Hatch and Marshall

Gabe Kaplan, ABC
Robert Hegyes, ABC
Ben Murphy, NBC
Loretta Swit CBS
Lynda Carter, ABC
Lee Meriwether, CBS

Host | Howard Cosell