William Devane

Networks | NBC, CBS

Hometown | Albany, N.Y.

Height | 5-10

Weight | 175 (1980)

Series | Black Beauty (1978), From Here to Eternity (1979-80) and Knots Landing (1983-93)

Scouting report | An award-winning polo player.

Battles | Six  As captain | Four

Signature events | Swimming relay, with a record four wins, once as the anchor man. He threw a record-tying 11 touchdowns in football championship games.

Greatest Battle | Battle V, November 1978. Helped NBC win the running relay, swimming relay and tug of war. Also threw two touchdowns in a loss and dunked Gabe Kaplan in the baseball dunk.

Epilogue | Most famous for playing President Kennedy in the made-for-TV movie The Missiles of October in 1974, Devane played fictional presidents in Stargate SG-1, 24 and The Dark Knight Rises.

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